The new online education resource and collaboration portal leverages cutting edge instructional design for personalized learning experiences

Therigy, LLC, the trusted source for specialty solutions, is proud to announce the launch of the Therigy Knowledge Network.  An exclusive cloud-based, interactive eLearning platform, Therigy Knowledge Network will provide customers with immediate, 24/7 access to specialty pharmacy resources.  The platform will enable optimal use of TherigySTM and offer broad specialty pharmacy related training and education.

A 21st century learning model, Therigy Knowledge Network is based on the latest neurological science and web-based learning best practices.   Built on the Moodle Learning Management System used by respected universities and educational organizations, the portal is interactive and optimized for mobile, allowing our users access to the information they need whenever they need it. The Knowledge Network offers videos, interactive simulations, live chat sessions with specialty pharmacy subject matter experts, and opportunities to learn from the vast community of TherigySTM users.

The Therigy Knowledge Network represents a quantum leap forward in the training and learning resources available to Therigy customers.  By leveraging recent advances in web-based instructional design, it will offer personalized access to content and support clients’ need to learn, collaborate and succeed in specialty.

“Therigy developed the Knowledge Network because we saw the opportunity for a more robust learning environment”, said Amanda Kissinger, Therigy’s Instructional Designer. “Our clients can learn from subject matter experts at Therigy, as well as their specialty pharmacy peers throughout the country,” she said. “Through this shared participation and collaboration, we have developed a forum to support our clients’ understanding of specialty care and the evolution of specialty pharmacy practice.”

“As the market leader, we feel a responsibility to continuously and aggressively seek ways to make our product more accessible, more useful and productive.   We take seriously the fact that every day thousands of specialty patients’ care is being provided by our customers,” said Russ Allinson, Therigy’s CEO and Chief Clinical Officer.

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