To streamline the referral and prior authorization process, Therigy developed SMART eHub™ — a brand-able web portal for specialty referral management and tracking. The portal can be branded for a specific company, disease, or product brand and provides real-time visibility for prescribers, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.


SMART eHub — Therigy’s patent-pending, proprietary application — uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to securely transmit and receive patient information. It allows prescribers to either manually enter a new referral into SMART eHub or import it from their EMR system. All information entered into the portal is saved for future use. Once prescribers input this information into a single online form, SMART eHub generates the following:

  • e-Prescription
  • Pharmacy-specific referral form
  • Payor-specific prior authorization form
  • Product-specific patient assistance form

These forms are electronically submitted to the preferred specialty pharmacy with a single click in the portal. In addition, co-pay cards and other financial assistance program information is generated at the time of the referral to help minimize the financial barriers to patient’s start of therapy.

Specialty pharmacies access SMART eHub to securely receive referrals for intake and benefits investigation. Pharmacies either accept the referral or transfer it to another pharmacy and update the status of the referral in SMART eHub, ensuring both the prescriber and the pharmacy always have the most up-to-date information on the status of a referral.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers access SMART eHub to view referral and prior authorization statistics.

Benefits and Features

Reduced Administrative Burden

The portal is designed to save the provider office staff’s time by reducing the number of forms to complete, as well as reducing the number of faxes and phone calls to insurance companies and pharmacies. This is accomplished by using the portal technology to:

  • Interface with the provider’s EMR system
  • Create an e-Prescription, Referral, Prior Authorization form, and Copay Assistance form (if applicable) in one step
  • Electronically transmit these important forms directly to a specialty pharmacy

Reduced Days to Start Therapy

SMART eHub can reduce the time it takes to start your patients on specialty therapy. The single point of data capture automates the completion of multiple forms and ensures all required data is entered, avoiding the need to resubmit forms because of missing or incorrect data.


In addition to the operational efficiencies of SMART eHub, it also represents a significant improvement in the potential to reduce errors. SMART eHub presents the pharmacist with a complete referral that includes important laboratory and other patient medical history information necessary to evaluate the appropriateness of the order and its compatibility with other medications on the patient’s profile. The optional EMR integration results in more efficient and accurate referral and prior authorization form generation.