With a robust drug pipeline of new drugs and new indications for existing drugs, there is increased pressure on every healthcare organization to maintain relevant, up-to-date clinical information.  The Pharmacy Resource Center contains a library of operational decision-making references for specialty pharmacy executives and management, accessible through Therigy’s secured website. When you subscribe to this service, you will gain access to the following information:

  • Drug Pipeline Analysis & Reporting (updated quarterly). Our detailed Therapeutic Category Reviews provide market insights to help our clients in their strategic planning and business development efforts.
  • Clinical Data Collection Tool. These documents are the in-depth reference guides for TherigySTM content. They provide a convenient summary of the information contained in TherigySTM assessments and the appropriate source documents for this information.
  • Patient Assistance Forms. Our patient assistance forms provide the websites, phone numbers, and guidelines for the application to Patient Assistance Programs sponsored by manufacturers of specialty drugs.
  • Patient Education Forms. Our growing library of patient education forms are geared towards a concise summary of medication side effects written at an appropriate level to be easily understood by patients and caregivers.

The Pharmacy Resource Center is highly integrated with TherigySTM, giving TherigySTM subscribers quick access to drug information and other useful tools for managing patients.