Our Business Intelligence offering supports client requirements for accurate market intelligence and actionable information specific to the specialty pharmacy space. Driven by an advanced technology infrastructure, Therigy’s business intelligence solutions provide actionable, user-friendly decision tools. Data is integrated from multiple sources, including TherigySTM, pharmacy dispensing systems, and hub vendor data. Our global approach provides valuable insights from the point of prescribing to a measured adherence rate.

Data can be analyzed throughout the entire drug distribution process including, but not limited to, referral tracking, pharmacy performance, and intervention success rates. Through collaborations and applied research, Therigy’s business intelligence service is able to support the exact needs of a client. Secure data sharing, customizable performance dashboards, and advanced data analysis models are built to serve as the nexus for insight into the specialty pharmacy channel.

Business Intelligence Services

  • Data Aggregation
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Reporting
  • Market Research
  • Vendor Performance Studies
  • Pharmacy Network and Sub-Network Data Aggregation and Reporting
  • Specialty Network Service Provider Audits