Manufacturer Channel Strategy and Service Support Consulting

Therigy provides a robust set of channel strategy, service model, and product access consulting services for Pharma and Biotech manufacturers. The focus of this practice is channel strategy and service model design specifically for specialty therapies and patient populations. For new products, Therigy is typically engaged when products are in the late Phase II to early Phase III time-frame and approval is likely within 18 to 24 months. Therigy can provide not only product launch strategy assistance, but also Phase IV post-marketing strategy and REMS assistance. Therigy is also engaged extensively by manufacturers when channel strategy and service model enhancement is required for approved, mid to late-life cycle specialty therapies.

Therigy subject matter experts have extensive experience consulting with manufacturers and specialty pharmacies supporting specialty disease states such as Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Disorder, Hemophilia, Hepatitis C, Hereditary Angioedema, Oncology, Neurological Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, and others.

Therigy’s manufacturer consulting practice focuses on the following areas:

  • Market Research and Category Landscape Assessment
  • Product Data Eco-System Development
  • Channel Strategy & Service Models
  • HUB Services Provider Selection and Contracting
  • Pharmacy Network Design/Modification/Selection
  • Pharmacy Network Contract Development
  • Therapy Management Program Design and Development
  • Specialty Data & Analytics Strategy
  • Network Data Collection and Reporting
  • Product Access and Reimbursement Support
  • Network and Sub-Network Data Aggregation and Report Development

Representative Sample of Work

Injectable Therapy Service Model Review, Development, and Implementation

An injectable therapy required modification and enhancement to the channel strategy and patient service model supporting the product. The project included an analysis of the recommended new channel strategy and patient services model developed to support enhanced access and support for the product. Therigy also supported the development of the service model and the selection of potential vendors/partners/participants. Therigy supported the execution of the model to ensure effective implementation and maximize product support and uptake.

  • Phase 1 – Analysis and Design: Therigy consultants assisted the client’s management to analyze, identify, and evaluate the proposed patient services model and make recommendations for enhancements or adjustments to the model in order to best achieve brand goals. This included defining the requirements for a branded provider portal with connectivity to the Hub provider.
  • Phase 2 – Development: Therigy consultants assisted the client in the development of the selected service model. Therigy recommended and helped the client qualify Hub providers for desired patient and provider services in support of the brand objectives.
  • Phase 3 – Implementation: Therigy consultants assisted the client’s leadership in the implementation of the selected service model. Therigy managed the RFP development, vendor selection process, contracting, and implementation of the new Hub services provider, as well as its integration with the branded provider portal technology.

Exclusive Hub/Specialty Pharmacy Provider Operational Assessment and Quality Improvement Program

A small biotech manufacturer engaged Therigy in order to conduct a third-party assessment of their exclusive Hub Service and Pharmacy operations. The objective of this effort was to collaboratively develop a Quality Improvement Program for their provider and overall program. The engagement involved the following key activities:

  • Six Sigma-based Operations Assessment
  • Hub Call Center Operational Assessment
  • Quality Improvement Plan Development
  • Operational, IT, and Training Program Development and Management

Exclusive Hub/Specialty Pharmacy Provider Transition to Independent Hub Provider and Specialty Pharmacy Network Expansion

A biotech manufacturer who had launched its orphan therapy using an exclusive Hub and specialty pharmacy provider engaged Therigy to support the transition of its service model to a separate Hub with a specialty pharmacy network.

  • Collaborate with manufacturer commercial and corporate account teams to develop the new network business model
  • Support development of strategic objectives, program objectives, and business rules
  • Therigy Subject Matter Expert acted in the capacity as “Interim Product Senior Manager/Project Leader” at the Hub provider
  • Conducted operational and IT assessments of the Hub provider and developed a quality improvement and network connectivity plan
  • Made recommendations as to the best approach to “firewall” Hub provider operations from specialty pharmacy operations
  • Developed data aggregation, integration and reporting plan for product Hub/SP network
  • Identified data elements and drafted recommended required data sets
  • Supported Hub and SP contract development
  • REMS compliance
  • Supported network contract negotiation and execution support
  • Support network implementation meetings (manufacturer, Hub provider, SP network members)
  • Evaluated opportunities to enhance nursing support consistency and data reporting capabilities
  • Coordinated and facilitated initial Hub provider and SP network member business reviews

Exception Access Strategy Development

A large pharma manufacturer engaged Therigy in order to better understand and develop an engagement strategy for influential customers with developing specialty pharmacy capabilities. The outcome of the engagement was the development of a process for determining whether to grant such organizations access to the manufacturer’s limited distribution therapies.

  • Conducted Voice of the Customer Meetings with major health systems/IDNs, academic institutions, and provider-owned dispensing entities that have or are developing specialty pharmacy capabilities
  • Developed an Exception Access Strategy and Process involving a cross function team from the manufacturer
  • Developed capacity to evaluate and contract with approved “exception access” entities

Commercial Services Assessment; Business Case Design, Scope and Rationalization in Support of a Product Provider Portal, Hub and Pharmacy Network Program

A biotech manufacturer was seeking to enhance its support service capabilities in preparation for the launch of a new product in the specialty marketplace. These enhancements include the development of an enhanced provider portal with greater capabilities than those provided by the current offering. Therigy was sought out to consult on this project due to our demonstrated, in-depth understanding of the nuances of technology applications, web-based provider portals, and the specialty pharmacy marketplace. Our role in this project was to provide specific recommendations on the development of a business case, scope and functional requirements and project plan. A particular focus was the integration of the provider portal with the Product Hub and new specialty pharmacy network.

Therigy engaged with internal and external stakeholders to assist in the development of the business case for an enhanced Provider Portal in support of the client’s products. Therigy’s primary role was to provide subject matter expertise and coordinate and integrate the efforts of key constituents in support of successful execution of a business case and scope document.

The major program elements included the following:

  • Understand business model and constituent objectives
  • Review market research/portal preference findings
  • Develop the business case and rationale for enhanced provider portal capability and connectivity
  • Rationalize the Business Model to include: risk identification and assessment; program scope; functionality and capabilities requirements; portal and web-page mock-ups; collect feedback from stakeholders as needed; strategy roadmap development; key requirements; and non-critical enhancement opportunities

Orphan, Injectable, Immunologic Strategy Design, Development, and Implementation

A well-known, existing specialty therapy in open distribution was challenged by the pending approval of an additional orphan indication. The manufacturer was challenged by FDA comments/concerns regarding the product and was asked to perform additional Human Factor studies. Therigy was engaged to support the design/development of a limited distribution and channel support strategy for the new orphan indication. Therigy rapidly worked with the brand and managed markets teams to:

  • Establish Senior Brand Leadership Advisory Role
  • Identify examples of analog open to orphan indication channel strategies
  • Design and develop Risk Management/REMS program
  • Design wholesale distribution and limited specialty pharmacy network
  • Plan Hub services integration plan
  • Develop program recommendations and participated in presentation/approval process with manufacturer senior leadership
  • Support development of FDA proposal
  • Develop wholesaler and SPP contract addendum
  • Negotiate and execute contract